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Lifetime Guarantee on Workmanship and Materials

Windshield Warranty Denver

Windshield Replacement Warranty

Auto Glass Unlimited offers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials on all auto glass service installations. This guarantee ceases when you sell your vehicle. Confinements on workmanship and materials which may void the guarantee, include leaks from rust previous or future rust damage, gasket cracking, body/basic changes or inability to quickly report an issue. Auto Glass Unlimited will react to any guarantee circumstance immediately; therefore, any water, dampness or other harm to the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. Any automotive claim must be accounted for promptly. Inability to do as such will invalidate the guarantee. While your vehicle is in our possession, regardless of whether on location or offsite, we (Auto Glass Unlimited) will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or any consequential damages due to the vehicle. There is a (30) thirty-day warranty guarantee on stress cracks. In the occasion of any stress splits, you (the client) will be in charge of all necessary labor charges ($75-$175). The glass installed is covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. If your windshield requires a new molding, and you (the customer) decline the purchase of the moldings, this will void all guarantee on the vehicle. Auto Glass Unlimited will not guarantee or be held responsible for any electrical devices. Please keep your receipt. No receipt, no warranty guarantee. All warranty work must be done at our location, no exceptions. (303) 838-8383

Windshield Care After Installation (The Do's And Don'ts)

Don’t wash your vehicle for 48 hours after installation. High water pressure may cause a hole in the sealer allowing a leak to occur. There may be automotive tape on your windshield molding and vehicle. The tape is specially made for the automotive glass replacement industry. The removal of the tape should eliminate any whistling sounds, and any tape adhesive on the car can easily be removed with car wax. If in the rare event paint comes off with the removal of the tape, Auto Glass Unlimited cannot be held responsible. If caution is used when removing the tape, this should not occur. Do not drive your car over rough terrain for the first 48 hours. Don’t slam the doors with all the windows closed. Don’t clean the inside of any newly replaced windshield or back glass for 24 hours.

Installation of Glass Supplied by Customer

Auto Glass Unlimited makes every effort to approach each installation in a professional and skillful manner using care and caution with customer supplied glass. Auto Glass Unlimited offers no warranty against damage to, or breakage of any existing glass that requires removal, installation, leaking, or adjustment of itself or any related component. In the event of breakage, Auto Glass Unlimited will offer replacement service at competitive prices (subject to availability.) No Guarantee on Used Glass.

Limited Windshield Repair Warranty

A windshield repair is basically designed to prevent small “bulls eye” breaks from spreading or becoming larger. The break area will become lighter and less noticeable; however, it will not completely disappear. Sometimes in the process of repair, the windshield will crack and we cannot claim responsibility for that occurrence. Once the repair is complete, we guarantee it not to crack or “run out.” Should it happen to “run out”, we will credit the repair charge towards a replacement windshield.

If you are dissatisfied with the repair, Auto Glass Unlimited will apply the cost of the repair to your purchase of a new windshield. The new windshield must be purchased and installed by Auto Glass Unlimited. If your insurance company paid for the repair, any credit will be applied to the portions of the charges to be paid by the insurance company for the new windshield. This right is not transferable and applies if you own the vehicle on which the repair was made.

Misc. Warranty Info

For all Window Tinting warranties, customers must have the registration card filled out. 30 Day Manufacturer warranty offered on new glass. No guarantee on used glass or any used products. We guarantee our workmanship and materials. No Guarantee on electrical devices. If problems arise, please call Auto Glass Unlimited promptly. 1-1/2% service charge per month. 18% per month on all past due accounts. Please pay from the original invoice. No statement will be sent. If your check is returned for any reason this merchant will electronically Debit your account for the check plus a processing fee of 35.00 (or legal limit) plus any applicable sales tax.

I understand that I the customer will be responsible for the collection fees, attorney fees, and court costs. If Auto Glass Unlimited incurs any such expense relating to this bill then I agree to pay interest at the maximum statutory rate on all invoice amounts unpaid from thirty days after the date of the invoice until paid in full.

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